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Thread: how to run MAC OS X? HELP PLEASE

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    Exclamation how to run MAC OS X? HELP PLEASE
    hello people!

    Let me introduce my self... I am currently a Windows XP User (been using windows for almost half of my life) and a Linux user (using it for about a year now). After a while, of using these operating systems, i decided to try MAC OS X one day on one of my friends computer. I have to say i fell in love with it. I am a computer engineering student, and for one of my projects i had to built a computer from scratch... I had to buy all the components and build it. The problem is that i had t build a Windows compatible computer. I am tired of windows. My question is... is it possible to buy certain components that will run MAC OS X on my computer? I don't want an emulator, i want a fully loaded MAC OS X on my computer just as if I buy a mac from I don't mind replacing some of my current hardware if I have too. Even if that means replacing the motherboard and the CPU. Please, if any of you out there can inform me on how to do this, please, teach me. I will appreciate it SO MUCH. Thank you very much!

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    Well AFAIK, you can't do this .... sorry albertly (Welcome to Mac-Forums BTW) ... You could buy an older Mac and have a look at the insides to see how it all goes together and upgrade it to OS X ... but it's against the EULA to do what I think you're hinting at ....

    Stick around though, and see what others have to say about this .... it might be worth your while.

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    There is no way to do what you suggest.
    If you want to run Mac OS X, you have to get a Mac.
    Quote Originally Posted by albertlv View Post
    i want a fully loaded MAC OS X on my computer just as if I buy a mac from

    There ya go.
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