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    hey there, i am new to this forum, and was wondering if someone could help me out with a small (but annoying) problem.

    i have used windows os all my life, and have recently made the switch to mac...very happy with it so far, but there are still some aspects i am learning.

    i do a lot of photography, and also some web design, so i transfer files from my digi cam a lot and post to my portfolio...

    however on my mac (macbook 13") the file extension on the photo's appears in UPPERCASE for some strange reason, and i can't seem to work out how to change it. it is very annoying cos web developing is very fussy about how extensions appear, and i don't want to manually edit each one.

    the same thing also happens with screen capturing. i did change the default screen capture format from pdf to jpg a bit ago, so maybe that is the reason it is doing capital letters?

    would appreciate the help.



    p.s. sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, not really sure of the layout of this place yet!

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    Hello Tom and welcome to Mac-Forums!

    I would think this is due to the software handling the files from your camera. I shoot in RAW so that extension will be in uppercase for me as well. But you can't post RAW files on webpages, right?

    So my guess is that your problem lies with .jpg files. Could you try downloading your photos using Mac OS X's built-in Image and see if these files are downloaded with extensions in uppercase too?

    That's about what I can come up with for the moment. Maybe someone else has a better idea.

    Edited to add:

    I also found this app, A Better Finder Rename which would pretty much automize the process. There could also be an Automator action for this lowercase/uppercase problem...

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    hey there MacHeadCase and thanks for the quick reply.

    i actually already use image capture to transfer my files, as i'm not too fond of the way iphoto deals with images.

    i don't think the problem lie's in my camera, as i didn't used to have the problem when on windows, and the fact that screen capture (which is obviously built into os x) also does it makes me think it is a problem with my computer.

    thanks for the link to the app, but i would prefer it if i could fix the problem from the root, so that i don't need to go another step with renaming.

    cheers, and any other help would be much appreciated!


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    Another app to consider is Disk Order ( This is a very capable file manager with quite an extensive mass file renamer. It does upper and lower case conversions as an element of this.

    Disk Order might be worth considering because you get:
    1/ A great *dual pane* file manager
    2/ A built in FTP client
    3/ A mass file renamer

    I use Disk Order myself purely on the strength of the FTP client - best one I have seen for a Mac so far. The dual pane file manager model just seems so intuitively obvious to me. I have discovered all the other stuff since - icing on the cake!
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    hey thanks again for a reply here but like i said, i am looking for a way to FIX the problem for a script in terminal or something?

    i managed to fix the screen capture uppercase problem by running terminal and re-entering the script in...

    i entered the following:

    defaults write type jpg

    and it seemed to work this time...

    however i tried to transfer pictures from my camera as a trial and they were still in UPPERCASE JPG...

    does anyone know of a script for terminal, similar to the one i entered for the screen capture, that will fix the camera transfer?

    cheers in advance

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