Hello can anyone help!!
I have a G4 iMac running OS X 10.2. It has been fine for about 4 years. Recentley it has started freezing so i thought a fresh install of the OS would fix things. Unfortunatly it froze half way through the install and I have now hit a brick wall. I boot the machine with the install disk 1 and it seems to be accessing data from the disk. After a couple of minutes it then goes to "Preparing installer" after another minute or so it does one of two things. Either the installer window opens with the menu bar at the top but the pointer is busy so you cant access anything from it and just goes to a blue screen and then does nothing. Or an error page comes up and say's The installer has quit due to an unexpected error, (exit code 0)
Please restart your computer...

Is there anybody out there who can help?