i created a standard troubleshooting guide for user accounts that get corrupted or act strange for work. Maybe it could help someone here some day. Please excuse the spelling errors, i haven't spell checked it yet.
if anyone is interested here it is:


sudo /etc/daily = daily maintenance script
sudo /etc/weekly = weekly maintenance script
sudo /etc/monthly = monthly maintenance script
fsck -yf = repair permissions on start up portion of disk (hold down cmd +s during start up to do this)


- log out and log into administrator account
- repair permissions with disk utility
- open teminal, run daily, weekly and monthly maintenance scripst
- restart in safe startup mode (hold down command +s at startup) to repair startup permissions
(fsck -yf)
- when startup permission repair is commplete type “reboot” and start as normal

*if none of this helps the user is probably corrupt and a new one will need to be created.


-log in as administrator and open up system prefences and click the accounts button, click the lock
and authenticate as administrator.
-create a new user with a username very simular to the user you will be replacing (i suggest keeping the
same password as the old user to avoid confusion).
-open up net info manager from /Applications/utilities
-click “security” from menu bar and select “authenticate” from the drop down menu.
-authenticate with your administrator password.
-select “security” from the menu bar again and choose enable root user and set a root password.
-quit netinfo manager, and log out.
-scroll down to “other” on the login screen, enter “root” for the user name and the password created
in the last step for the the password.
-Browse to the /users folder and copy all files/folders from the old users home folder to the new users
home folder.
-when copying completes open the terminal and type the command sudo Chown -R <newuser> /Users/<newuser>
authenticate when promted.
-command will run pretty quick. type exit in the terminal window and quite terminal.
-log out, test new user
-log out of new user, if all works well log back into regular administrator account, open netinfo manager
and click the “security” menu from the title bar and authenticate.
-click the “security” menu again and disable the root user and log out.
-go back into the normal administrator account and delete the old user. (do not choose delete
immediately, instead choose ok so it makes a disk image in the of the old user in the /Users/ deleted
users directory) we can keep this image around for a month or so, until we know all is well.
-log out of administrator and into new user.