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    g4 dual500 panther 10.3.3 connect via ethernet dhcp
    I have a dual 500 g4 running panther 10.3.3 and classic 9.2.2.
    Strangely enough I can browse the internet when using IE5 within classic 9.2.2 but I cannot browse using safari 1.2.1 within panther.

    in the system preferences under network it displays, built in ethernet is currently active and has the ip address You are connected to the internet via built-in ethernet.

    under TCP/IP tab, configure ipv4 :using DHCP
    ip address:
    subnet mask:

    under ethernet tab,
    ethernet id: 00:30:65:e3:bf:e2

    The fact that i can browse with classic and not panther leads me to think that there are some settings within panther that i need to change.
    Does anyone have any suggestions or faced a similar problem
    thankyou for any help
    good day

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    Well to isolate if it related to the ethernet, try switching to a dail up modem and see if the same thing happens...

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    Have you tried entering DHCP Client ID?

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    i have managed to solve it by entering in the dns numbers
    I originally tick the box on the router admin that the isp will automatically supply the dns number. but having inserted them myself in the network pref it now works.
    so thankyou for any suggestions.

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    Norwood is a Mid-2010 15 inch MacBook Pro with 10.11.1.
    I can't use Safari at school with my ethernet connection for some reason. When I do use it, it takes forever to load webpages. Netscape and Firefox don't do this. It's rather annoying.
    "Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted" - John Lennon.

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    "Have you tried entering DHCP Client ID?"

    I can't find DHCP option under network settings. I'm trying to configure linksys 4 port router to my mac and a new PC. I remember in previous Mac OS X versions a DHCP which is conspicuously absent in my 10.3.3...Can anyone direct me on how to enable DHCP? Thanks for any help...

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