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    *sigh* I lost everything.
    I had two accounts on my mac, one i used daily, one i never used. So I decided I'm running low on space, I will delete the account I never use (i have never used it actually) and for some reason, it deleted all my music, pictures, sites, documents, everything. So now, I have pretty much nothing.

    As a photographer and web designer, this is a big loss. I had multiple sites for clients I was working on, all gone to nothing.

    I honestly dont know what to do, is there some sort of a system restore on mac? I really need to get these files back, but dont have the money to pay for expensive data recovery programs.

    Anyone able to help? It's greatly appreciated.


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    Stupid question of mine, but are you sure you emptied the Trash?

    If you are still logged in and it was the last thing that you did, you could press Command-Z (Command= apple key) to Undo. If not, it's too late. You'll have to pay for data recovery or better yet, restore from backups if possible. 10.4 doesn't have a built-in System-Restore-like feature.

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    When you remove a user account normally, that account's home folder will be placed in a Deleted Users folder. Everything associated with the account will be there.

    On the other hand, if you choose the Delete Immediately option...which is not the default...well, it Deletes it, immediately, like the dialog says. I doubt even a professional recovery service could do much with it.

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    you're only hope is chloe, but shes a fictional tv character on 24. Then again.. you may get lucky if you buy a data recovery program. But now I guessed you learned that you should have a hard drive for back up purposes.
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