I recently upgraded a client to 10.4 Tiger via the archive and install option. The client did not have a dvd drive (only a cd drive) so i had to do this in Target mode. After installation it prompts me for the users password to log into the machine. Well, the user forgot it. So, I inserted the install disk and went into reset password at the OS installation screen and i click on the target drive to reset the user's password and it says no users. Also, if i put in an old mac OS install disk (because it is a cd not a dvd) into the client's machine and go to reset password using that disk it shows me system administrator root and on the drop down menu there aren't any users just diff protocols like unix, internet printing, application owner.....ect. Does anyone know how I can get into this machine? I can access all files in Target mode but I cannot get into the computer. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks.