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    MBP Restarts on Lid Close Activated Sleep

    My MacBook Pro (Core 2 Duo) running 10.4.8 restarts every once in awhile when it close the lid to put it to sleep. I'll close the lid and then hear the restart sound and think "crap". (since I had a bunch of apps open and was working on stuff...)

    Anyone else have this problem? I'm wondering if it has to do with a combination of putting it to sleep (Hibernation Mode 3) while putting the laptop in my bag and thus activating the Hard Drive Motion Detect sensor which then shuts off access for writing temporarily. By shutting off HD access, the sleep doesn't know what to do so it panics and restarts the computer...



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    I've had that happen once in two and a half months. No idea what did it, but like you I heard the restart sound and like you I thought "crap."

    If it keeps happening, I'd recommend a trip to the Apple Store.

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