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Thread: Newbie:Ex Hd backup organisation

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    Newbie:Ex Hd backup organisation
    Trust this is the correct forum for topic.

    I have ex. hd. [160g] for backup and eventually store artwork &
    photos. Imac G4 running 10.2.8 hope to move to Panther in near future.
    1 To partition or not
    2 What to backup
    a. complete HD contents [14 gb at present]
    b. Home folder + ?
    c. System + ? [ where is op system located]
    d. Suggestions

    I thank the knowledgeable in advance.

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    At that size, there is no need to partition. I recommend backing up everything, making a disk image in other words. I think it may well be best to back up before the Panther upgrade and after. Some files (especially system files) may not function the same after the upgrade obviously.

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