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    More memory = faster programs/apps?
    I currently have 512 MB of memory. I bought 2GB of memory online and I'm just waiting for it to arrive. I was wondering- when I install the new memory will my programs and apps load faster? Currently it takes FOREVER to load any program. For instance I have "Xee" open, but when I click a picture from one of my folders it takes forever for the pic to open up in Xee. And my computer "sticks" a lot, and I get the spinning wheel ALL THE TIME. Will upgrading to 2GB fix these problems?


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    You will definitely see vast improvements in speed going from 512 to 2gb. I even noticed a large jump from 1gb to 2gb
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    Very wise purchase, that you will be happy with

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    I agree with everyone else. Maxing out your RAM is the best upgrade you can do to your MacBook.
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