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    A Mac to Windows Backup Solution
    I've searched the forum, and i found nothing covering this topic:

    Is there any programs out there that AREN'T shareware that i can use to backup my /Music folder to a Samba share? ... I have many programs that do that, but i want one that doesnt also backup the ._ metadata files that come from OS X.

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    The problem stems from copying files from HFS+ volumes to non HFS+ volumes, and the file system not recognizing the resorce fork data that Mac files produce.

    There is no good way of backing up in this manner since removing the resource forks is a bad idea usually. In your case the files are just audio files which the resource fork may not be required for the integrity of the file, but ask a graphics parson what happens when the resource fork is removed from all of there files.

    Perhaps a script to remove ._ files after backup?

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