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    I recently purchased a macbook pro and am not too familiar with the directory structure etc .

    I installed some fonts for my graphic design via fontbook which caused "duplicate fonts" appearing in modzilla thiunderbird. Anyway I removed some fonts and ended up removing my font folder which solved the problem.

    I think I may have removed some main fonts from my library fonts folder and wanted to know if there is anyway to restore the default fonts in OSX (eg off the installation CD) . If so where are they located?

    Any help would be great.


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    If you are familiar with font management programs, you should look into Linotype's freebie FontExplorer X.

    About reinstalling the missing fonts from the system... CharlesSoft's Pacifist helps you extract certain files from the Mac OS X install disk, files that you normally can't install on their own. You should be able to get those missing fonts.

    And either Mac OS X's FontBook or Linotype's FontExplorer will pick out the duplicates easily, no need to delete them manually and do deletion mistakes.

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