I am a recent switcher and I have a couple questions. I got a nice macbook pro and I love it so far, but a couple of questions. 1. How do I share applications between user accounts and or deny them. My wife and I have different user accounts and I want to share our itunes and pictures and stuff, but want her out of my uh, work. 2. The postage stamp icon in the corner only wants to go to a .mac account. Can I change that to go to my hotmail or work account? 3. On my bookmarks in Safari, can I have all the bookmarks appear when I move the mouse over it and then scroll down to it or do I have to show all bookmarks? 4. Is there a way to make a icon pop up with a website or series of sites with one click of it? Is there a book or website with shortcuts? Thanks for anyone who helps with this as I'm sure there are more to come.