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    Unhappy Unable to hide Dock using cmd+option+D
    Hi everybody,

    I find it quite distracting to have my dock visible and almost always have it hidden. However recently when I hide it using the cmd+opt+D shortcut, it stays hidden only as long as I've held the keys. As soon as I release any one, my dock appears again.

    I did find a msg posted on this here:
    But the solution posted there was to uninstall Textpander or Textexpander. I don't and never did have that installed.


    Anyway, would appreciate any help or guidance how I can go about fixing it.


    Bangalore, India

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    Have you tired doing it throught the System Preferences for the Dock?
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    Quote Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y View Post
    Have you tired doing it throught the System Preferences for the Dock?

    Thanks for replying.

    It works fine if I want to hide it either from System Prefereces, or even if I right click from my dock and select hide. It only doesn't work with my shortcut key. :-(

    And suppose I keep it permenantly hidden from System Preferences, when I hit the short cut cmd+opt+D, it shows up, but only as long as I hold the keys, as soon as i release them (to hold the mouse), it goes back to hiding.


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    G'day Bangalore Mac & welcome to Mac-Forums.

    Try pressing Control+F3 and let me know what happens.

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    when hidden, does the dock pop up when you hover the mouse down there, like it should?

    For me, the keyboard shortcut doesn't register until I release one of the keys, which is probably the normal thing to happen - so I find it odd that it only works while you hold the keys.

    You might want to try changing the shortcut. Go to system preferences>keyboard and mouse. From there, you should be able to designate a new shortcut. If that doesn't solve the problem, then I'm stumped for now...

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    That's funny, I had this problem at work, but I do have Textpander installed... Good to know!

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    Lightbulb It's not TextExpander / Workaround
    The problem described here is a known bug in Mac OS X with Universal Access Keyloggers. When keyloggers are enabled, there is a problem with hiding and showing the Dock using cmd+option+D. This does _affect_ TextExpander, but it is not caused by TextExpander.

    One of our users submitted a clever workaround. In the Keyboard & Mouse System Preferences, under the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, under "Dock, Exposť, and Dashboard", next to "Automatically hide and show the Dock", if you double-click the shortcut and change it to something other than cmd+option+D, you'll find that the dock will hide and show properly.

    Rest assured, we have reported this bug to Apple, and we expect they'll fix it in a future release of Mac OS X. In the meantime, the workaround above should allow you to use a keyboard shortcut for automatically hiding and showing the Dock while running TextExpander or other keyloggers.


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