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Thread: How do I REALLY delete MSN Messenger??

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    Feb 06, 2007
    How do I REALLY delete MSN Messenger??
    I was using MSN Messenger and all of a sudden I got kicked out.
    Big deal, happens all the time. But no matter how many times I tried to log in again I couldn't, it says the system is not available now or some non-sense like that. I tried logging in with another account and it worked.
    So now i want to REALLY delete messenger and install it again. Like as if it was never installed in my computer, erase all the conversation histories and the display pictures I added and all of those things. How do i do that?

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    this thread should help you a lot:

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    i use cleanapp on my mac i really like it takes a lot of hassle out, its cheap to buy and works really well i think, i had the same problem as you check it out

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    Take a look at my article on about deleting Applications:
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    To really delete MSN Messenger from a Mac, I had to do the following:
    1. Normal uninstall first.
    2. After this, I searched for "Microsoft" with Spotlight, and after that I manually deleted the following file:

    ...and the following folder:

    Microsoft Messenger Data

    After this MSN couldn't detect any previous versions (or accounts) when re-installed. (Not that re-installing is recommended... )

    NOTE: Using advanced uninstall apps didn't seem to work for me.

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    I use AppTrap its free and it works really well. You just drag an app to the trash and its asks if you want to delete all related files.
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    MSN Messenger issues here too.
    Same dilemma. Can't find a way to get totally rid of MSN's Messenger. Can anyone share the method used to get it out of my iMac?

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    Oct 08, 2008
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    Unable to find it on my HD. MSN must label it as something totally irrelevant.

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