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    Exclamation FOLDER TURNED INTO ALIAS: How to undo?
    I have a folder of photos on my desktop that I burned onto a CD last night along with other images.

    This afternoon I clicked on the folder to open it, and it said it couldn't be opened because it was an ALIAS -- I'd have to open it through another folder, which I guess i was able to do...

    However I'd like to "un-alias" this folder. It's not in the toolbar, just on the desktop. It has a small curved arrow icon in the lower left hand corner of the folder. do I remove this icon and return the folder to it's original state?

    Thanks in advance,


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    G'day Dannybex & welcome to Mac-Forums.

    Right/Control-click on the alias which you have on your desktop and select Get Info. In the General section you'll see:


    Original: This is the one that's important here. It will tell you where the original folder resides. Once you've made sure that the original files are all present and available, it's quite safe to just Delete the Alias - which is just a link to the Original folder.

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    Thanks Marty for the tip! I did as you said, and it showed up in another folder, but...not exactly. When I click on the Aliased folder, or the folder it's inside of, I get the same content -- whereas in the past, I know although they may have shared some content, they also had different pics inside each one.

    And the aliased folder doesn't show up on the list -- INSIDE the other folder -- it just shows up on my desktop list, above the other folder.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong, and/or is there any way to "un-alias" the aliased folder?

    Thank you!


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    Could you please upload a screenshot of the Get Info window from the Alias?

    To take a screenshot of just the Get Info window press Shift+Control+4. This turns the mouse cursor into a cross-hair. Hold the mouse down and drag over the area you want to capture and then let go. The screenshot will then appear on your desktop. Using the Upload Image option when you post will put a thumbnail inside your post.

    This will help me better understand your situation.

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    Sorry for the delay...I tried the shift+control+4 but it doesn't turn the cursor into a cross hair. ??? Is there some way I could import it into photoshop?

    thanks so much,


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    You say you burned these photos on a CD... Is the CD readable? Looks like the burn cycle didn't completely delete a temp burn file or something...

    I betcha this is kinda what the icon looks like? The arrow thing? (See attached file below...)
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