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Thread: Tiger now or wait for Leopard?

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    Feb 01, 2007
    Tiger now or wait for Leopard?
    OK, here's the score: I've convinced the IT guys at work to let me have a Mac (yay!) which pleases me no end as I already use an iMac at home. So, do I just get on and order my shiny new Mac now or do I wait a while longer until Leopard is released? I don't *need* the Mac yet but I certainly *want* it!!! As it's a work purchase, work would pay for an upgrade to Leopard but are there problems installing an updated OS over the old one?


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    There shouldn't be any problems whatsoever for whenever you choose to upgrade to a new OS. I will be waiting for a while after Leopard comes out to upgrade simply because I believe the longer it's out on the shelf the more stable it becomse. I will probably wait a couple of months to upgrade.

    I would just get the Mac now. I had the chance of waiting for the C2D processors to come out, but I wanted my Mac asap so I settled for CD, seems just as good to me.

    EDIT: Reason I voted for waiting was because I didn't realize you haven't had a Mac yet, I know my vote goes against completely everything I posted. Just get the Mac and wait a few months after Leopard comes out to upgrade.

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    there is a good chance leopard will only be $129. I would rather have tiger now and upgrade than wait for a month or two and have nothing.

    my vote goes to "Stop procrastinating - get on to the Apple Store and order it NOW!"

    there will be no issues installing an updated os over the old one..

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