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Thread: Xserve Woes

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    Xserve Woes
    I have a G5 Xserve that I just rebuilt running 10.4.8, it is attached to AD and MAC and PC users are connecting with no problems. The main issue is I keep getting "SMBD Processes" and each one takes up a smal amount of RAM. I believe that this is create when a Windows box onnects to the server but they do not get released, so I keep getting more and more. AFter about 24 hours I have 100-150 and are just about out of RAM! I have to restart or it end of crashing the system. The system logs do not indicate anything is going on. Any ideas?

    In the short run is there a utility that I can schedule to start and stop the Windows service, as when I do that all the SMBD processes disappear?

    I have another G5 Xserve running 10.4.7 and it does not have this same issue, could it be hardware related? say an issue with the nic or other hardware. I was thinking of switching out all the hardware and see if it still occurs.

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    Have you put a limit on client connections in server admin?

    Try 10-20 to see if that makes a difference.

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