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    iMac G3 Won't boot after xpostfacto

    I recently got my new G3 iMac and with me being an inexperienced mac user, I decided to try using xpostfacto, and ebled the l2/l3 cache tweak. However, the results have been disasterous. I now get a kernel panic just after the boot screen dissapears. I need to resolve this issue as soon as possible and without the help of an OS X CD/DVD as I didn't get one with the Mac, and can't afford one and probably won't be able to this year. Please tell me there is a way of resolving this without that media.

    Thanks for your kindness, cooperation and help


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    Hi hougtimo.

    I know you don't want to hear this, but since you wrote it in your post, I think you already know the answer: you need the original install disks that came with the iMac or you need to buy a full install OS X version. There is no other way out of this.

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    XpostFacto is an application that helps you install OS X on unsupported hardware. As MacHeadCase stated, you will need the install media to continue.
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