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    Application won't open
    When I tried to open the Text Edit application this morning, its dock icon bounced up and down endlessly and the application did not open. I stopped the bouncing by right-clicking on the icon and "quitting" the application. When I tried to open it again, or tried another application (don't remember which) the icons just bounced merrily without opening the applications. Safari and itunes were the only other applications already running, if memory serves.

    This happened to me once before when I tried to open System Preferences and all I got was the bounce. The only fix I could think of then and now was to restart the computer.

    Does this behavior mean that OS X has crashed or is overloaded? I'm using a 24" iMac with 1 GB RAM. It's only three weeks old, and I'm new to macs. I hope someone can tell me why this happens, and whether there's a less drastic solution than restarting, which is an annoying interruption.

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    if the restart didnt work try the following

    repair the disk permissions using disk utility in the utilities folder
    use a program like onxy to remove cache's and generaly tidy up it can be found here -

    if this doesnt work then let us know

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, Eusebius. I hope you like it here.

    It could be because something in the system needed to be flushed out with either a restart or a simple log out, log in your user account.

    You could also download MainMenu and use the various system maintenance tasks it has. If your Mac is always on but set to sleep this means the maintenance tasks cannot run by themselves as the computer is most likely asleep when they are scheduled (by default these tasks are suppose to run between 3 and 5 a.m. I know you can change the times but you have to go into the Terminal... not sure where you have to change the default settings in there though).

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    Sorry my first post wasn't clear. Restart *did* fix the problem. I was wondering whether there were less drastic measures and why the endless bounce happens at all.

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