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    Angry My Desktop files are all gone
    I have acomputer that 3 days old (IMac Intel) and its lost all its icons from the desktop. I can get the files thru the finder window though. I also can't boot from CD. What is going on??

    Is it because when I started the computer for the first time and it promted me whether I wanted to use a firewire cable to get my files from my PowerPC G4, I allowed it to get everything. Maybe something was not compatable

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    G'day dstani & welcome to Mac-Forums.

    Go to Finder Menu and select File>Preferences. In the window that opens click on the General Icon and ensure that there is a tick next to Hard disks in the 'Show these items on the Desktop'. I would also tick CD's, DVD's and iPods and if you are networked tick Connected Servers.

    When you boot from CD are you pressing down on the C key as soon as you hear the Startup Chime?

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