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    Question Help With Emptying Cache
    As I was attempting to empty the Cache in my library I ran into a problem. I attempted to do this by going to Hardrive>Library>Cache, selecting all, and clicking delete. Not sure if this was the best idea i copied the items and put them in a folder on my desktop.

    When I attempted to empty the trash I get a message of "The operation cannot be completed because the item is in use".

    Seeing as this may of been a mistake I moved everything back to the Cache folder where it came from, but now I am stuck with the duplicates that I cannot delete !? How do i get rid of these !????? Please help, I cant stand seeing my trash full !

    there are other items in the trash that give me similar message but with a different file name

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    Do what you did before. Place all of the item from the cache folder into the trash. Then either reboot your system or log out and back in again. Once you are back in, you should be able to empty the trash. The rebooting or log out process should help in releasing the files that are in use. Also the item that are need in the cache folder will recreated as you saw before.
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