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    Does anyone knows wut's going on on my macbook pro?? when i try to search on spotlight it doesn't show it on the spotlight... i went to the system preferece and try to change the settings and still didn't work any one knows wut's going on??

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    What are you trying to search for?... what isn't showing up in Spotlight?... and what settings were you looking to change in your System Preferences?
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    well basicly when i try to search a file on my desktop (testing if it works it's a movie file .avi) and it didnt' even show up on the spotlight, and many other things including some documents, and some settings... but when i try it it doesnt' even show up any of those things.... grrr.... could you help me thanks!

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    I'm not sure when it actually updates its listings (I believe with the weekly maintenance scripts) but it has to keep a database of everything on the system. Try downloading something like MainMenu and re-making the database with that.
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    so it won't be spotlight...??

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    You can force Spotlight to re-index the drive by going into the System Preferences and choosing Spotlight. When it appears, click on the Privacy tab, then drag the hard-drive icon into the window. Doing so tells Spotlight to ignore everything on the drive, so it makes Spotlight's search database useless, which is what you want if the database is missing stuff.

    Then click on the drive icon you just moved into the window, then on the minus sign at the bottom. This will remove the newly created privacy setting, and force Spotlight to completely rebuild the search database.

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    good idea thanks
    i'll try it

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    didn't work...

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