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    Can't access any apple content

    since inception I've had dual access to wireless and 'wired' broadband.
    I had always noticed an inability to access the likes of MSN on wireless but dealt as the wire was always at hand.

    This has changed...

    I now only have wireless access to the web. I can't access software updates, the apple website, itunes store, etc from my machine. In all instances the error message tells me to check whether I'm connected to the web. I have no difficulty viewing any other sites.

    As the PC in the household is taunting me by viewing the apple website I'm confident this problem is local to my machine.

    googling the problem is more miss than hit. 'permissions' 'apple' 'wireless' and variants and combinations thereof provides little light!!

    any pointers gratefully received.

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    Very strange. Also, I haven't a clue, just thought that you could use the bump before your topic disappears into the abyss.

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