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    Question accidentally deleted some languages i need
    I used omnilingual to delete a whole pile of languages off my computer that I didn't need but I accidentally checked American English which has lead to most of my non-apple applications such as Photoshop to stop working. I also can't seem to use uninstall packages on them nor can I install updates or install over the top of the main ones [little apps like Real Player were easily fixed by deleting and re-downloading].

    Short of wiping the HD and re-installing my OS is there anyway to fix the problem. Until I fix the languages the applications won't even begin to load. I also need these applications for my work to get done though in the mean time I am using a pc...

    Appreciate any and all help.


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    i am pretty sure you don't need to wipe your install of OS X, you should be able to just do a reinstall over top and everything should work fine.

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    You shouldn't need a re-install of MacOS... Just go into the installer and customize and select the language(s) you need.

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    If for any reason djames42's suggestion doesn't work because of the DVD's install limitations, try Pacifist. It opens installer packages from the Mac Intaller DVD or CDs, allowing you to install single files. It's shareware, but I think it allows you to try it. From the description at MacUpdate:
    Pacifist is a small program that opens up .pkg installer packages and lets you install individual files out of them. This is useful if you need to install just one file out of a package instead of the entire package (for example, if you deleted Sherlock and need to reinstall it, but not the whole operating system), if you experience bugs in that mess up your symbolic links, or if you just like a little more control over the installation process. Pacifist can also examine the kernel extensions installed in your system to let you see what installer installed them, and whether the installer was made by Apple or a third-party.

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