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    Security Update 2007-001
    I just got a reminder from software update that a new security update was available for OS 10.4 (2007-001) I said go ahead and install it.

    Bad idea.

    Upon restart, all I get is a solid blue screen. Norton is finding a bunch of directory errors. Cant fix all the problems.

    I dont have enough disk space to reinstall 10.4, so now what do I do?

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    Do not use Norton Utilities on any Mac running any version of OS X more recent than 10.2. It will damage the system (and possibly the disk). Norton Utilities pulled out of the Mac market when it gave up trying to fix the myriad of problems it caused.

    Norton's anti-virus program remains compatible, but it's unnecessary since there are no Mac viruses. The Mac anti-virus program searches for Windows viruses only. You might want to use it if you have a Windows machine and a Mac on the same network. But there are better programs than Norton's.

    This is a link to a Symantec website.
    Currently, the following products are compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 (code-named Tiger):

    * Norton AntiVirus 10.x.x for Macintosh
    * Norton Personal Firewall 3.1 for Macintosh
    * Symantec AntiVirus 10.x.x for Macintosh (enterprise product)
    * Symantec Administration Console for Macintosh 1.0.1 (enterprise product)

    The original releases of Symantec 2004/2003 products for Macintosh are not compatible with Mac OS X 10.4.

    Norton Internet Security, Norton SystemWorks, and Norton Utilities will not be updated for compatibility with Mac OS X 10.4.
    Try to start the machine while holding down the Command (Apple) key and the S key.

    If Norton hasn't done too much damage, a screen full of type will flow past. The cursor will be at the bottom. Type fsck -fy (note the space) and hit return. This is the same as running the Mac's Disk Utility repair program.

    If, after the checks are complete, a report says the disk was modified, or if it says it was repaired, or if it says it was modified but appears OK, type fsck -fy and hit return again. Keep doing this until the message lacks any modified/repair notice. Once it says the disk appears OK, but there is no notice of modifications or repairs, type exit or type reboot, then hit return.

    If Norton did too much damage and the machine won't start while you hold down the Command and S keys, you will have to start it with the system DVD if you can insert it into the computer while it's not running.

    How you do this differs, depending on the machine, so you'll have to say what model it is.

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    I installed that update on at least 5-6 macs here now from G4's to G5's to Core Duos and not a problem. I also wonder if Norton is causing the issues.

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    Without a doubt. Running Norton Utilities in Tiger is suicide. I don't think it would run in Panther, either, or if it could, it had to be booted from its CD with Jaguar. Norton is absolute junk.

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    Security update...and reccomendation for Disk Utility program
    I don't think that Norton was the problem...the problem showed up before I tried Norton to try and do some repairs. (BTW I am running this on an older dinosaur, an Imac G3, 400mhz,Graphite)

    Like I said, the problem (BSOD) showed up immediately upon restart after installing the security update. Bang! Blue screen.

    I tried using Norton Utilities for found a bunch of errors and "fixed" them. Still, computer only booted to a blue screen.

    I tried starting in "safe mode", but got only my desktop pattern, with no menus and no disk/folder/file icons.

    I tried inserting my OS 10.4 DVD, and running the disk utility program. It found no errors. My thought then was to a re-install of the system software, but it needs 1.9 GB of free space and my older mac only had about 1.5GB of free space.

    Now I had a do I access the disk, remove some files to make space to reinstall the OS. Fortunately, the Disk Utility program offered to allow me to boot from my external drive which has OS9 on it.

    So, I booted from my external, in OS9 (which is pretty clunky looking if you haven't used it for a while) and was able to transfer/delete files from my main boot drive to make room for a new install.

    Then I tried a new/clean install which moved old system files to a previous system folder. That took over an hour, and then at the very end, I got a message that there was an error of some sort, and it was unable to complete the install.

    Now my plan is to copy all the file off my main boot drive, re-format the drive, and do a clean install of OS 10.4.

    I'm open to any other suggestions....also, a suggestion to the best disk utility program to replace my Norton utilities.

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    There's an article here about problems and how to fix them after a system or security update.
    Many times after a major system update (such as an incremental Mac OS X update, i.e. Mac OS X 10.4.5 or a Security Update) can cause an inability to properly startup -- you may see a blank grey screen, pause indefinitely at the Apple logo, see a blue screen, or experience other symptoms.
    Quote Originally Posted by rollout View Post
    I'm open to any other suggestions....also, a suggestion to the best disk utility program to replace my Norton utilities.
    When I moved to OS X, I upgraded Norton Utilities to handle it because after years of running OS 7 to OS 9, I had little faith in the Mac's disk-repair utility, at that time called First Aid. Then Norton scuttled its ship after it had wrecked my system and I heard and read about system problems caused by running TechTool. And some swear by Disk Warrior, while others say it misses problems.

    I also read that running Disk Warrior and TechTool is a mistake, that it should be one or the other, not one after the other. That jibed with my experiences in OS 9, and I was tired of the whole thing. So I decided that all these contrary reports, opinions, rumours and disk utilities could take a hike. I wished a pox on all their houses. I would use none of them.

    Since Norton's fiasco I have used only the Mac's Disk Utility or the single-user command fsck -fy, which is the same thing, or the freeware utilities such as Applejack and Onyx that also use it. I have never had a problem it could not repair. And when it did, I hadn't known I had had a problem or problems until it reported repairing them.

    The experiences of others might be different, of course, and I still run Norton Disk Doctor and Speed Disk in my OS 9 partitions (I have a very small OS 9 partition that I run to fix the main one). Two weeks ago Disk Warrior for OS 9 once again did battle against the repairs made by Norton Disk Doctor for OS 9, as in days of yore. But the Mac's Disk Utility usually Applejack that uses it as fsck -fy is the only repair program I'll run in OS X. It hasn't failed me yet.

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