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    upgrading to 10.3?
    I bought my first powerbook about 6 month ago and I am very happy with it. So, I am not sure about upgrading to a new OS. I am currently running on jaguar, but my school sells a Pahter for $69, which seems a bargain price considering local compusa sells for about 130bucks or so. but, is it worth the upgrade, even if the price wasn't 69 bucks? Or is it worth to upgrade since the price is only 69 bucks?

    Also, where do you guys buy your softwares from? Since there isn't a local apple shop and my school has very little mac softwares, I ended up checking out stuffs at compusa.
    Anyway, thanks in advance.

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    I just upgraded from Jaguar to Panther recently ($60!). I was not going to pay more than I did to upgrade. The question is whether you really NEED the new features. The main reasons for me were the fast user switching (MUCH needed) and "snappier" feel (my Cube seems to be quicker w/ Panther). I've found Expose and the Sidebar to be welcome improvements as well. If you're happy w/ Jaguar already, you could probably wait for the next update, unless you have $69+tax burning a hole in your pocket.

    Fry's and ComUSA both have Mac software. If it's not critical software, I'll usually try and find a deal on eBay.

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    60 bucks??? Where did you find that deal? ebay, perhaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sildenafil
    60 bucks??? Where did you find that deal? ebay, perhaps?
    Yup. I also got a similar offer on Craig's List about a month earlier, but I hadn't been convinced to upgrade at that time (didn't see enough + or - comments on the boards I visit).

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    Panther is more compatible with all the latest software, though. And I get my software from

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