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    Erase & Install (+ Weird issues)
    Due to some odd system issues (see below) I am having with my Mac Pro (G5 tower), I am considering doing an Erase & Install. My question concerning this is a very basic one: Will an Erase & Install affect any other hard drive on my computer besides the hard drive on which I wish to install the system folder?

    My assumption was that Erase & Install would only affect the hard drive on which I was installing the system. However, I was recently on the phone with a lower-level Mac tech support rep who INSISTED the erase and install would delete EVERYTHING on my computer. I have since talked with a computer savvy friend who told me this is incorrect. Is there anyone who could provide rock solid confirmation one way or the other???

    Thank you!

    p.s. Here are the issues I am having with my Mac:

    1) The energy saver screen that I've selected to appear does not appear when it is supposed to. Instead, the screen goes to black - although sometimes (less often than not), the screen saver does appear, if only for a few minutes.

    2) Sometimes when I turn on the computer, I can not control the sound via the keyboard or the sound icon on the top right of the screen. The only way I can control the sound is by going into System Preferences and changing the sound from there. (When this happens, I log out of my user and then when I return, the sound works normally again).

    3) When I am not working at the computer, but simply listening to itunes, the one or both of the hard drive seems to be in a perpetual sleep/awake mode where it sleeps for a few minutes, than whirs back to life, than clicks and falls asleep again. Is this normal?

    Anyone have any clues as to what may be causing these issues? Would an Erase & Install be a good way to deal with this? (I've tried Archive & Install, but the problems have not yet gone away.)

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    Erase & Install will only affect your main system drive, it would be an extreme way, but worth a shot.

    However, you should first check your System Preferences. Look for "Put the hard drive to sleep when possible" under Energy Saver. Check your sound preferences as well.

    One easy way to "reset" your preferences is to delete the file in YOURUSERACCT/Library/Preferences. Then, re-choose the preferences that you want.

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