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    pls explain memory management
    can someone pls explain the memory management system 10.4 uses for ram. i understand free and active what are the rest and how do they affect my system. thanks.

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    I hope this answers your question. I got this from iStat's web site.

    Wired memory
    This is memory that applications or the system needs immediate access to, so it can’t be cached to disk. It will vary depending on what applications you’re using.

    Active memory
    This is memory that is actively being used.

    Inactive memory
    This memory is no longer being used and has been cached to disk. It’ll remain in RAM until another application needs the space.

    Free memory
    This memory is not being used.
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    Your currently active processes/applications occupy the RAM memory. Whenever an application becomes inactive or run in the background, data related to the this process will be written to the swap memory. swap memory is a location in your HDD and Read/Write process is way slower.

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