I still cannot listen to the Paul Harvey news --


I've tried using Camino, Netscape, Webstractor, Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. My G4 iBook is updated with the latest software, and working perfectly. I am able to listen to tons of other audio files with no problems.

Originally, when I clicked on the link to listen to the Paul Harvey news, QuickTime opened up, but there was nothing to listen to. I have since installed Flip4Mac.

Now when I click on the audio link to listen to Paul Harvey news, Windows Media Player opens, but I always get a server error. I found this link to Paul Harvey podcasts, but the link only works in Safari:


I would be great to figure out how to get the audio links on the Paul Harvey news website to work like they should.

I've sent numerous messages to the Contact on the Paul Harvey news website, but have never received an answer. This problem started at least six months ago (I've been sending messges, asking for help, for at least six months now!!).

Any suggestions? Thanks.