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    I have got some hidden files on my macbook pro. How can I view them? I am new to the mac.

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    Related article can be found here. You can also use the Tinkertool if you like the easy way

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    Download MainMenu. It's free, it does this and so much more.

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    ls -a
    in a terminal window should show you everything (-a..for all)

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    Download MainMenu. It's free, it does this and so much more.
    I just downloaded this program. Is there anything that you recommend that I should do on a daily basis, monthly, yearly? Thanks-

    Tim Geary

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    Some of the things in this post applies to your question.

    I use MainMenu every day. First thing I do every morning before opening any app, I launch MainMenu and run the daily task. I chose Saturday to run the weekly task so on Saturdays I run the daily and weekly tasks. Once a month I'll add the monthly task to that list on Saturdays.

    Hope this helps. :girl:

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    You could also purchase PathFinder, an excellent, excellent file manager. It has an option to allow you to see hidden files. You can turn this option on and off, to see them when you want, and not when you don't.

    PathFinder is $35, so it isn't cheap, but it is a real power file manager. When I have heavy duty file management work to do, I pull out PathFinder. See
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    Thanks for the reply's, I will look into both. :tusks:

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    I found a great and simple tutorial that helps one achieve this mission. It takes at most 2 minutes to set up the Automator program to do the work for you. This site describes how to do it with ease.

    How to show hidden files on a Mac with the help of Automator | MacYourself

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