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    problem with opening programs

    i was wondering if anyone knows what my problem is...

    im havin trouble opening certain programs on my computer...... Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator, Roxio Toast Titanium, Microsoft Office Apps. what happens is when i click on the icons on my dock, theyll jump as if there loading for a few seconds, then theyll stop and nothing will open. even if i go to my applications folder, the programs wont open.

    its weird, cause when i restart the computer, the programs start working again, however once the programs close, same thing happens.

    any help or comments are appreciated


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    G'day SinCity-2,

    If this were happening to me, I would go to:

    Macintosh HD>Applications>Utilities>Disc Utility

    Repair Permissions and then Repair the Disc (Hard Drive),

    Give it a go and post back the results.

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