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    Question Getting the full path of a file
    Just switched from windows to Mac.
    Is there an easy way to find the full path of a file without having to
    drop it into the terminal? I would love to be able to select a file
    copy its full path, then paste that path in my application. Similar
    to the way windows shows the path at the top of every window.


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    Using Mozilla (it doesn't work with Safari), you can drag a non-startup disk or partition to a browser window. The pathway appears at the top in huge letters that you can copy and paste, and you can drill down through any folder by clicking on the links (but when you hit a file, Mozilla will try to download it). This doesn't work with the startup disk, though, although it does with the folders within it if you drag them one by one to the browser window. This is much like the behavior of Windows using IE.

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