I have a printer (Canon iP5000). It is hooked up to a windows machine but I need to use it from my Mac. In windows, I set it up as a network printer and can add it to my mac's printers. However a driver for it is not listed in the driver list. I have visited Canon's website and contacted them and instead of allowing me to have the driver they will only allow me to have an installation program (a pkg). The installation program will only install the drivers if the printer is connected via USB not over the network.

So here was my idea. Temporarily hook up the printer to the Mac via USB and run the install program. Find out where the actual driver is that the printer is using. Then I can hook the printer back up to the PC, install it on the Mac and point to that driver. But now I am having difficulties in finding out what driver it is using. When I have the printer installed on my Mac and the driver installed, if I go to System Preferences>Print & Fax>Choose the Printer>Printer Setup>Printer Model; it has the correct printer chosen (iP5000) but it is grayed out and will not let me see any more details about the driver. Is there another way to find out where the driver is that this printer is using?

Any other ideas how I can make this printer work?

Thank you

I run OS X.4.8