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    Application crashes

    I have had my 20" imac for just over 3 months now and I have recently been getting application crashes for everything I use - imovie, iphoto, safari and external apps I have installed. This does not happen a lot, but if I use for about an hour I can expect a crash. I have run permissions and it did find one thing but that has not changed my problem. I also ran a hardware test which showed no problems. I have looked at the console and the crash report log and at the bottom of the list I have found a log with a KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE. None of the other logs seem to have this but from what I've read this is not good. I have called apple but was outside my 90 days. They did say it was corrupt software and directed me to the below solution:
    They say I should do the first option (Restore Mac OS X and all bundled applications without erasing the Mac OS X volume)
    Does anybody have any experience with what this will do to my system. I have just backed up my users file to an external. Is this sufficient for this process and what if any data can I expect to lose? I am of the opinion that if it reinstalls iphoto for example, I will have to reimport all photos and re sort them, which took me hours after switching.

    Any thoughts much appreciated. I have attached the mentioned log report.

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    I haven't done that sort of a restoration myself but I have another suggestion before you proceed. As far as I know this type of errors can also occur due to corrupt plists. I would suggest you to create a new user(in System Preferences) and see whether you experience the same problem with the new user. If not, your system in all fine. All you have to do is to trash the plists of the corresponding applications.

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    i think with iphoto sorting if you copy the files from the iphoto library including their folders then it should import them with the correct names/dates etc.. IM NOT SURE tough so i would reccomend checking with someone else before you try it.

    Also try what novicew said, - make a new user and see what happens.

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    You say you ran a hardware test? What hardware test did you use? The one on the supplied DVDs? The reason I ask is that if by "crash" you mean a Kernel Panic then I would strongly suspect faulty RAM despite the hardware test results.

    I had a similar issue when I upgraded my iMac memory (2 x 1GB) and had 1 faulty 1GB stick. The machine would work fine for a while then (I guess) whenever it started using the 2nd memory stick more intensively it would Kernel Panic and freeze. I found if I ran MacPAR on a LARGE (4GB) set of files this would cause the Kernel Panic as it's very memory intensive.

    The Apple diagnostics said the hardware was fine, however MemTest showed that after a while one of the chips was starting to cause issues. If I ran it on a soak-test then it would fail perhaps on the 3rd set of checks although it had passed fine on the first 2 runs.

    It might be worth you running memtest (reboot and use the command line version as it's much more thorough) to try and isolate a bad memory stick before re-installing everything.

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    Thanks for that, I will give this a try.

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