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    Unhappy Dictionary problem
    hi! I got my macbook pro recently, and although i'm from Portugal, I chose English as the language for the computer. but now, every time I wright something down (in Portuguese) on a website or most of the aPPs. it shows me that red underline as an error. it doesn't harm anyone... but it's annoying.

    anyone knows how do I turn this dictionary thing off?



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    Hi, I just checked this with Mail and it has Portuguese as an option for Auto-Correction.

    I also found this:

    The dictionaries are ".dict" packages (really just a wrapper for a giant XML file) located in /Library/Dictionaries. If you could find such a package for Portuguese, you could drop it in there and have (the program responsible for the pop-up) recognize it. Just run the Dictionary program from your Applications folder and select the new dictionary using the "Preferences" dialogue.

    Not sure where you would find such a .dict package, but I'd presume that a good place to start would be a Portuguese language search of Google.

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    I can understand malaqias' frustration because this situation happens to me as well. I sometimes type in French for emails or other stuff and sometimes in English. This means that I'd have to switch dictionaries for spell checking constantly.

    I sometimes dream that one day Apple can come up with loading at least two dictionaries at the same time. But I guess that in the practical sense this wouldn't work as the dictionaries might become confused as to which language you are using at a certain time or if this word is actually a typo in one of the languages that are loaded.

    In any case, not to hijack this thread but if malaqias is tired of switching the dictionaries constantly, he can switch it off.

    To switch dictionaries you go under Edit in the menubar of most apps and the Finder and then Spelling ---> Spelling.

    To switch the dictionary off, simply follow the same path but instead of choosing Spelling ---> Spelling, you choose Spelling ---> Check Spelling as You Type to tick it off.

    All this post and I hope I understood the question correctly... *Blush*

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