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    Newer OS on an older ibook?
    I've got an older g3 ibook with 10.29 on it and i was thinking of upgrading to 10.3 or 10.4 but im concerned that it might slow down my machine. My ibook is 700mhz w/ 384ish ram. Any thoughts? thanks for your help.

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    The clamshell and before are the only ones that can't reach 10.4.

    I have an old tangerine clamshell that is is only 300mhz and has 10.2 on it. and it is fine.

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    Oct 27, 2006
    I have (or rather, my kids have) an ancient G3 iBook with 512 megs of ram and 10.4.8. It doesn't exactly blow the doors off of a MacBook Pro (!) but it allows them to do webkinz and that is all that matters!
    If you go to 10.4 make sure that you check the firmware before you start, great evil lurks there. Make sure that you have 512 megs of ram. And your iBook probably doesn't have a DVD reader, so you will have to do the FireWire trick or get the installs on CD.

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