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    .bin file won't open!!! Ughhh!
    Hi all, welcome to my first thread. Usually I'm good at finding answers to my problems but this one just nips me in the butt.

    I have Microsoft Messenger and my Tiger OSX just asked me if I would like to upgrade. So I click yes and it downloads Messenger.bin without automatically installing it... HMPH!!! I thought that was what Macs usually did. Anyways I go to install it manually and Toast tries to burn the Messenger.bin file. Ya right! I know that the bin files are supposed to be opened with Stuffit so I change the system setting to open all .bin files with Stuffit. Then I click on the bin and... stuffit unstuffs it, but no files come up. I researched it and it says that the dmg file should have been unstuffed and put into the same directory folder as the bin files.

    Well, I've searched this forum and it seems that there have been another person with this problem but the only solution was to open it with stuffit. Hmmm, do you think there might be a problem with the way Toast wanted to take the bin file on? Maybe some type of conflict? ****... I thought Macs didn't give these types of problems!!!


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    A work around world be to goto and download the update again. they usually give you two format options for download. perhaps your dl was bunk.

    FYI Toast opens BIN/CUE files

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