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    usb 2.o driver removal
    Hi hows it goin Ive been reading on these forums for quite some time but I just havent had to post until yesterdsay. Supposedely my dad was using our powerbook g4 for some purposes and was trying to install usb 2.0 drivers on our system. After it finished installing it asked him to reboot and he did.
    So after he had done that the computer would get to the apple loading screen but would crash and there would be a black box on the upper side of the apple logo.Now I could only get into os 9 through the cds and os x is a no go . Ive tried to delete the file and only found 1 copy of it in a folder named receipt. Any suggestions???

    BTW I know that in os 9 hitting the space key while booting would let it load with the minimal but is there anything like that in os x? Thanks once again

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    You can try to boot in to single user mode, by pressing command (Apple) and the "s" key when booting the system.

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