Hi all. This is my first time to this forum and it's great! Ive tried searching around for an answer to my problem, and i can't figure out whats going on. Ever since I installed panther, and upgraded to 10.3.2, I've had nothing but frustration. I do a lot of audio on my system, a 933 G4 quicksilver 2002, and ever since I installed panther I can not use ANY of my programs that have anything to do with MIDI. When I open up Pro Tools, it hangs up at initializing the MIDI stuff, when I open up the core audio/midi utility, the audio section works fine. Recognizing my hardware, but when I click the MIDI tab, it hangs up and then unexpectedly quits.

I didn't not do an archive and install, just an upgrade. Now that I am at 10.3.2 it won't let me do an archive and install because i can not revert to a lower OS. IS there ANYTHING I can do to help this situation without having to reinstall all my plug-ins and software by doing a clean install?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. THANK YOU ALL!!!