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    A lot of bad blocks !

    Coming from the world of PCs, I am very happy with my less than one month old MBP.

    However, in the last few days, I noticed issues with disk IO.

    TechTool Pro is currently running (I am writing from the PC now.. ) and within the last 5 hours of scanning the hard drive, it gives me 219 bad blocks and still has about 2/5 of the progress bar to do.

    A FAT32 partition is created on the hard drive for running winxp (bootcamp).

    I'll wait the test to finish but I am getting a bit disapointed about the hard drive having so much bad blocks.

    Is the fat32 partition has something to do with techtool pro finding bad blocks ? Is there any chance my hard drive could be replaced for having that kind of number of bad blocks ?

    I'd be happy to hear what you guys are thinking about this.


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    Since you are still under warranty, I would contact Apple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syd View Post
    Is the fat32 partition has something to do with techtool pro finding bad blocks ? Is there any chance my hard drive could be replaced for having that kind of number of bad blocks ?
    I would check with Techtool about that question. You need to be sure your running a version fo Techtools that is compatible with your system too.

    I'd run Apples Disk Utility to see what it says. You can find it in the Utilities folder. It will also tell you the "S.M.A.R.T. Status" if the drive has that ability.

    If the drive is bad, you won't have a problem having Apple replace it.

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    Bad Blocks - Same Issue After Installing Bootcamp
    New to this forum. I ran Techtool Pro 4.6.1 before installing OS X 10.5 to make sure the HD was clean, defragged, etc. All passed. Installed OS X 10.5, performed all software updates/firmware updates, then ran Bootcamp Assistant. All went great. Have been switching back and forth without any issues until..... The OS X partition froze requiring a force power down. Upon powering up 10.5 does not boot up. I get the "animated circle" but it never gets to the log in screen. Still able to boot to Windows Vista. Now booted to Techtool Pro's eDrive and running tests. All tests fine, except now HD Scan reports bad blocks, Over 100. I'm wondering if this is because Techtool Pro is seeing the NTFS partition and thinking this is a bad block. Disk Utility reports no issues and reports the drive is fine.

    Any ideas? I haven't contacted Micromat because it's Saturday, but I'm hoping that the drive is really fine and Micromat just needs to update the HD scan to recognize the Bootcamp partition.


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    id try putting in your osx install disk, and holding down alt at boot.

    then repair/verify the drive, that should do it for the bad blocks/bootup issue
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