Frustrated myself, I have a need to frustrate everyone else. For over a week my has been retrieving mail from the Gmail POP server only when it feels like it. Thus, I'm obliged to visit my gmail web mail inbox several times a day to retrieve messages that were not downloaded by my mail client. This is irritating to say the least. Having hounded every source of information available to me, and having been led through all my settings umpteen times, I'm certain my problem is not a careless setup, there's a subtlety in here that we're all overlooking.

I have an ISP web mail account that works like a charm, I do not have to chase my incoming messages they're on my screen as soon as I log on. Gmail provides impeccable configuration screen shots making a configuration screw up very unlikely. I've been though the Gmail forum, the Apple forum, and I'm still a virgin when it comes to a satisfying climax. However, sooner or later I'm going to stumble over someone who's walked this walk before and knows where the warts are. Maybe this will be my day ask me some good questions.