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    URGENT HELP can't upgrade to OSX10.3.9 after reinstall OSX10.3

    I just reinstall the OS X 10.3 panther and everythings goes well when i follow steps to put in Disc 1, 2 & 3. but when the system restart, it prompt list of software to update,I clicked ok and it was fine for updates of ipod, ical, isync.etc..but not for the itunes and OSX10.3 software updates!!

    For itune, its prompt that due to system is not OSX10.3.9 and its cant update...(somethings like that) never mind for that, as for the OSX after i reinstall the version was OSX10.3.1 and i download upgrade software from apple webside to OSX10.3.2. But after i tried to upgrade combo verison that for OSX10.3.2 to OSX10.3.9 it upgraded halfway and prompt that application can't continue to come....

    Before i reinstall the OSX 10 version was OSX10.3.9...


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    Just install Mac OS X Combined Update 10.3.9, this will bring you to 10.3.9. Then update all of the additionalo software. Don't forget to repair permissions after you are done.
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