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Thread: Some programs simply won't open...

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    Some programs simply won't open...
    Hey guys I'm really new here (first post), but I'm hoping you can give me some much-needed help. I have an Intel MacBook Pro, and recently some of the programs have simply been not opening. Limewire, Windows Media Player, Yahoo Messenger, any of the Microsoft Office Applications, and many other programs fail to open. They bounce in the dock once or twice and then disappear, at best. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and that doesn't work. All of the software is up to date also. Any help would be great, as this is an extremely aggrivating problem. Thanks

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    Have you try repairing permissions.

    applications -> utilities -> disk utility

    Select your system disk, then select the repair permission button.
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    Yeah I have tried repairing permissions more than once. Still not working

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    I bet all the apps you're trying to run are PowerPC apps and you have an issue with Rosetta.

    Just go to the application (in the Apps folder). Click on it once and do Apple-I to get the info, then ensure 'open under rosetta' is clicked.

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    Hmmm....well I tried that, but "Open using Rosetta" isn't even an option! I guess that would be my problem, but how would I fix that?

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