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    Question adobe font folio
    so I got adobe font folio and I got tons of fonts I want to install.
    I see that if I double click the font it opens in the font book and i can press install

    how can I tell it to install all of them?? I don't want to go through all 2000 of them and install one by one.

    i thought i could select multiple files then go to open. this just opens font book again with a drop down window of all those fonts. but when i press install it only installs the active one and closes the window. I want to be able to say install all of them.

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    first of all you dont want to install them all...thats a BIG no no
    if you go and install all those fonts what happens when you load a program or the OS itself its probably going to be dead slow or crash on you cause it has to load some 2000 fonts...what you wanna do is load them all into your fontbook and turn them on individually when you want to use them...or for that fact..forget font book and get extensious suitcase, i think it has an easier feel and its been around for a while to.

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    lol thx
    i found out the hard way on my pc (p4HT 2.8 800fsb 1gb 60g).......... now everytime i run PS or illustator loads forever compared to before.
    thx for the advice again

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    Hi PowerbookG417,

    I just got Adobe Font Folio 11 and opened the dmg file. This mounts it the disk and shows 6 folders:

    "Western Fonts"
    "Western Fonts (type 1)"
    "Educational Material"
    "Additional Language Fonts"
    "Deprecated Fonts"

    So, of course, this is not a program but simple a large collection of fonts with no application in it (meaning you need to use another application to MANAGE it). Okay. I don't plan - following the advice - to install all them but to selectively install those fonts I need/want.

    Now, I also just installed Font Agent Pro 4, which I believe I can use to access and install (enable and disable) fonts at my discretion.

    Font Agent Pro 4 now is empty 'cause I have not yet imported any fonts.

    Question#1) Am I correct in assuming that if I import I am not installing the fonts but simply "mounting them" into Font Agent Pro 4 so I can have visibility of these fonts WITHOUT or PRIOR to installing them?

    Question #2) If #1 is correct, what do I need to do now then: Do I have grab some or all the 6 folders inside Font Folio 11 and put them somewhere in my hard drive and then look for them using Font Agent Pro 4?


    Rick Mahmoud

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