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    Migration Assistant Tip
    Here's a little tip when using Migration Assistant to transfer your older Mac files to a newer Mac.

    First a bit of history:
    I purchased a new G5 yesterday, set it up to replace an older G4 station in my office. Once I had it up and running I luanched Migration Assistant to copy over my older Mac's files, setting and applications.

    The Problem I ran into:
    I followed the Migration Assistant setup instructions exactly as instructed, but once the older Mac's hard drive connected Migration Assistant would just spin and say "waiting for disk to appear".

    The trouble shooting I tried:
    After four failed attempts I determined that maybe the was an incompatability problem, so I checked Apple "discussions, forums and the Apple help menu on my Mac".

    I checked the my firmware... all good, I wondered if it was a system conflict between the two computers, I switched firwire cables....
    Nothing worked.

    Then it hit me:
    I realized that I had forgotten I had two hard drives on my older Mac...
    I looked at the drive that had appeared on my desktop and realized it was my older drive with OS9 installed. So I restarted my older Mac which was running the OSX drive at startup, and clicked on the OSX drive and then clicked Restart in target disk mode. Went throught the entire Migration Assistant setup process again, but the older drive still showed up.
    Next I shut down my older Mac, disconnected the OS9 hard drive cable so the computer would not see the OS9 drive. Restarted the older Mac while holding down the "T" key and started up Migration Assistant on my new Mac.

    The Conclusion:
    Once I had reluanched Migration Assistant the correct hard drive from my older Mac appeared on my desktop, Migration Assistant saw the drive and I have begun my file transfer using Migration Assistant.

    Considering I spent a few hours trying to figure this out, I decided it may be worth sharing. Hope it may help.

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    These things are always useful to know.

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