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    perf.png problem
    Ok, so I attempted to change the background color of the my mac's dashboard. I used a step by step guide (don't normally do this kind of stuff) and misinterpreted the commands. Simply dragging a file of the same name as the original skin doesn't work, so I went into terminal and brought up the appropriate directory.

    cd /System/Library/CoreServices/

    here's where it gets tricky though. The default skin of the dashboard is listed as "perf.png." So I created my own file and namedi it "perf.png.orig," because the next step was to enter:

    sudo mv perf.png perf.png.orig

    I thought the perf.png.orig part signified the general name of whatever file you intended to replace the original .png file with. So upon request of my password, I entered this command:

    sudo mv /Users/yourname/Desktop/perf.png.orig.

    It said a bunch of codes and, after logging out, I realized it didn't work. When i went to look at the Resources file, where the original perf.png is located, I noticed that the original file was changed.

    it now said "perf.png.orig" but, rather than a PNG as its icon, it is blank white and can't be opened. Before I could see it through preview. The dashboard is intact, however, and looks just as it did. I'm wondering what exactly I did and how to restore the file back to what it was so I can correctly change the dashboard this time.

    edit: problem now is, ended up with my perf.png in the resources folder, but it doesn't work and the original is seemingly gone. the dashboard is still intact and the same color even though the perf.png file is of my original. wow?

    any way of obtaining the original perf.png? or restoring it? something isn't right but I can't figure it out

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    Closed dupe thread.

    Original thread here:
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