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Thread: Why am I running out of space?

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    Why am I running out of space?
    So I guess I screwed up when I ordered this thing last year by not upgrading the hard drive (like I did everything else) when I ordered it (Macbook). So, I now have about 500 Mb left. Here's my question: when I pull up "get info" on my hard drive icon, it shows 79.5 Gb of space used. But, when I pull up the info on what look like all the root folders (like applications, documents, music, pictures, etc..)the cumulative used space only adds up to around 50Gb. Where is all this stuff taking up my space? Is there a way to pull up a folder tree for the hard drive like in windows? Any help is appreciated.

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    Wow, that's a lot of files. What are you storing on there? anyway, download the free program "disk inventory x" and it will help you figure out where it all is being used. It shows it all graphically.

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    it looks like you are missing system mfiles and stuff when you are adding it up all on your own.

    get diskinventory x it is a great program. most of your space is probably dvd's, mp3
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    There are a lot of invisible files and directories you cant see in the Finder that you aren't including.
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    Thanks. I got inventory x and figured it all out. Great program.

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