I am new to the MAC so I am learning fast so please don't shoot me for asking probably a very simple question.

Is there a way to hide the top finder bar whilst running Classic applications that run in full screen mode? I have some childrens games which are Classic only, which run fine. However, when I run them there is a multi-colored bar at the top of the screen.

At first I thoight it was the game, but when I click on the top multicolored bar the finder bar appears. I can only presume that when the classic app runs it can not run or operate over the finder top bar? I have also noticed that as the application can't run over the top of the finder bar it shifts the application down slightly and you loose th bottom.

So really 2 questions, as I do not have a dual boot system, can I run classic as a complete desktop so this problem goes away? If not, is there a way to hide the top finder bar so that the classic applications run and work as they should?

Thanks in advance.