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    FTP server
    Hey I have 10.4.8 how would I go about setting up and FTP server that can be accesed outside my local network IE not an address with 192.168.1.XXX. Do I have to purchuse a copy of Tiger Server? or are there apps that can do this for me, or unix commands?


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    I think what you are looking for is this....
    Goto: System Preferences ---> Sharing ---> FTP Access then Enable that.

    Well if want a Domain Name then you'll have to register it and then forward it to your Static IP.
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    Do the response to enable the ftp service.

    You can get a free DynDNS account from DynDNS that will allow your (probably) dynamic internet IP to be auto updated to reflect changes. For instance, when your home IP changes, the dyndns daemon running on your mac tells the dyndns servers to change the ip for

    Make sure if you have a router that you use the port forwarding feature to pass through traffic on port 21 (ftp)to your mac. Keep in mind that all ftp traffic is unsecured and all passwords a transfered in plain text.

    If that is an issue try sftp, or ftp over ssh.

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    I would also recommend the excellent PureFTPManager package, which is freeware and a very good and easy to use FTP server for Mac (and, as it turns out, for unix and Linux too).
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    Okay thanks but just to respond to BIG D that feature only allows local connections

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    Probably need to forward port 80 on your router to the ip address of your machine on your inner network

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